1. The driver must be over the age of 23 and had a valid driver´s license for a minimum of 1 year.
  2. When collecting a rental car, you need to bring your driver´s license and a credit card.
  3. Your credit card is authorized with a higher amount than then the rental rate. This is to cover toll charges, fuel etc.
  4. Toll charges and fuel consumption are added to the rental costs. When you bring the car back we will top up the tank and charge the extra fuel to your account. All cars are equipped with an electronic chip for driving on toll roads. The costs incurred from this automated toll system are added to your invoice.
  5. All our cars are fully insured. The liability is NOK 20 000,- per damage.


  • All our cars are fully insured with road assistance included, through Codan Forsikring.
  • Liability is Nok 10 000 for standard cars and small pizzavan`s.
  • Liability is Nok 20 000,- for vans, trucks and minibuses.
You can reduce the liability by 50% for Nok 100,- per day, incl. VAT